MaxFli Noodle Lady Golf Balls

MaxFli Noodle Lady Golf BallsIncreased Distance: 5
Increased Short Game Control: 4

The Noodle Lady is the latest in the well received Noodle golf balls line from Maxfli aimed specifically at women golfers and marketed around the dual benefit of providing a better ball striking experience and extra distance on your drive and long iron shots off the tee.

It is an exceptionally soft ball that will work especially well for slow swing lady golfers and differs from the Callaway HX Pearl in that it is a two-piece rather than three-piece construction.

The ball is built around a soft Live-Action Core that's engineered to compress easily at moderate swing speeds. Increased compression upon contact means that the Noodle Lady will literally spring off the club face at a faster rate compared to harder composition golf balls adding to both height and speed and consequently overall distance.

Adding to this increased compression ratio is an advance MHT aerodynamics feature unique to Maxfli which is again built in to increase hang-time and hence overall distance.

If you like perfect aesthetics the Noodle Lady also comes with a diamond-shine cover which despite what I thought would be my feelings I actually really liked - especially because it made it so easy to find on the "odd" occassion that I veered off of the fairway.

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MaxFli Noodle Ice Ladies Golf Balls

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