Spalding Flying Lady Golf Balls

Spalding Flying Lady Golf Balls Increased Distance: 5
Increased Short Game Control: 4.5

Spalding Flying Lady golf balls are specially made for women golfers who take their game seriously and want to get the best performance out of their ball. It has a 50 compression, which works best for women who have slower swings, and makes it literally spring off the tee and soar through the air in order to maximize distance. However, because of its design, it's not intended for women with faster swings.

It features a two-piece construction patented by Top-Flite as well as a special, high-energy core underneath a soft ionomer cover to really make the ball gain those extra yards on the golf course. In addition, the cover material is cut-proof and relatively damage resistant in order to keep the ball in great shape through many golf outings.

The 320 large, shallow dimples make the Flying Lady launch into the air at an increased trajectory for added height, which means longer distance and increased control over the ball's flight.

In addition to its excellent performance, the Flying Lady has an attractive appearance. It's easy to see in the air and on the ground because the ball's ionomer cover is a light pink color. Due to of this bright color, the ball is easy to find and track all over the golf course.

All in all, the Spalding Flying Lady golf ball is an ideal choice for nearly all women. It performs well in the air and on the green, and because of the pink color, it's easy to see as well.